Equitent riding halls – an affordable alternative to large-scale riding hall construction

Riding halls from equitent are solid, mobile and functional riding tents, designed in close cooperation with renowned equestrian promoters and businesses for private and professional settings. Thanks to diverse possibilities for usage and layout, textile-based riding halls offer maximum flexibility for the construction of riding facilities as well as a bright and cheery atmosphere for riders and horses, who can train inside year-round, regardless of outside weather.

The mobile riding tents conform to applicable construction standards, including structural analysis, and can optionally be assembled for temporary or long-term use.

Equitent riding halls offer excellent cost-effectiveness while maintaining great flexibility. The riding halls can be expanded, set up and taken down at any time and therefore present a sustainable alternative to solid construction.

Well thought-out construction with high value materials

Riding halls from equitent bring together the ease of mobile architecture and the advantages of a large-scale, long-term space solution. The frame of the riding halls is made from high-strength aluminium sections manufactured with quad-slot piping technology, opening up wide-ranging possibilities for expansion. Furthermore, the high-strength extruded aluminium sections contribute to the riding tents’ effortless durability even in extreme weather conditions. The combination of aluminium alloys with galvanised steel guarantees stable and long-lasting joints.

The textile-based roof covers used for equitent riding halls allow light to pass through and, in combination with the windbreak netting at the sides, ensure a pleasant climate at all times. The PVC tarpaulin, coated with PVDF and equipped with low-wick coated polyester fibres, even exceeds EN 15619 requirements. In accordance with DIN 4102 and EN 13501, the tarpaulin covers are flame-resistant, UV resistant, durable and resistant to spores and fungus. The PVDF finish prevents moisture from penetrating and dirt from sticking.

Equitent riding tents can be quickly built and assembled even in wind and snow load zones 1 to 3. The use of simple ground anchors, screw anchors or heavy-duty dowel when using a slab or strip foundation is sufficient for assembly.

Modular system with possibilities for further expansion

All riding halls from equitent can optionally be expanded in grid dimensions of 2.5 m and are available with various side coverings upon request. Custom productions with individual span widths, heights and lengths are also offered. Above and beyond the substantial standard version, the equitent brand is also appreciated for its customer-friendly support and services.

The equitent team offers a detailed consultation prior to purchase of a riding tent. This personal meeting allows space solutions to be planned best, according to the customer’s needs. In addition, for any questions regarding custom or intermediate sizes, possible extensions or modifications, or technical details, the equitent team is happy to speak personally by telephone or via the contact form at any time.

Riding hall from equitent

Technical data of riding hall

  Standard version Standard version
Span: 1.600 cm 2.100 cm
Side height: 440 cm 440 cm
Ridge height: 652 cm 722 cm
Roof pitch: 15° 15°
Bay distance/grid: 250 cm 250 cm
Main profile: 220 x 100 x 3/4 mm 220 x 100 x 3/4 mm
Gable column: 2 4
Min. setup length: 1.500 cm 1.500 cm
Max. setup length Expandable with the grid
Snowload: 0,85 kN/m² bis 1,31 kN/m²
  • Anodized and high strength aluminum profile
  • Connection parts made of aluminum and galvanised steel
  • PVC-coated steel ropes
  • PVC-tarpaulin 680 g/m² manufactured according to EN 15619
  • Color: green or white
  • Classified as ‘difficult to ignite’ by DIN 4102 and EN 13501
  • Dirt-repellent and light-resistant
  • Lets daylight through and is UV-resistant
  • Low-wick coated polyester threads
Scope of delivery:
  • Frame construction with high strength aluminum profiles
  • Green roof tarpaulins
  • Sliding gate
  • Statics

Plans of riding hall from equitent

Equipment and Expansion


Alongside the extensive standard layout for our lunging and riding halls, equitent offers an extensive offering of services and facilities, ranging from individual planning to professional assembly, varied financing models as well as attractive cost-effectiveness compared to large-scale construction. 

equitent offers several options for the design and layout of their riding or lunging halls in terms of floor fixings, the translucent roof and wall panelling can be swapped on-site and the extensive range of equipment leaves nothing to be desired.


All riding hall systems can be equipped with a number of different lighting systems according to the client’s needs.



The riding and lunging halls can also be upgraded with a guttering system made from PVC or a titanium zinc metal design if desired.






Our partner GHI offers a wide-ranging portfolio or riding accessories. We would be happy to put you in contact. More information can be found here.






At the client’s request, wooden fencing can be set aside in order to use the space for stands or as storage. A special fence gate has been developed for the lunging hall which is also suitable for one-handed use thanks to a folding mechanism.